Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

For the past week the kids and I have had a serious stomach flu that has caught us all off guard!

We had SOOO many plans for fathers day that we had hoped to work on all last week!
Our father's day was going to be filled with all of Chad's favorite foods.....kayaking in the Bay......picnic on the beach, and homemade ice cream!

Instead, we are all sitting on the couch and the BEST dad in the world is taking care of us....and has been all week!

THAT is a GREAT dad!!!!!

He loves us, supports us, takes care of us, loves spending time at home with us, looks forward to reading the kids books every night, allows me to go to town when it comes to decorating, believes in whatever we are dong, and he makes us all feel so safe and loved!

Today he is showing us what a great father/husband he is by playing Dr........and NEXT weekend we will enjoy all of his favorite things!


Katie said...

I love your family picture..what a beautiful fam! And what a sweet daddy! Hope you guys enjoy your time next weekend!

3 Including Me... said...

Hope you all get to feeling better soon! How nice to have someone to take care of you! :)