Wednesday, May 20, 2009

15 Min Clean

Okay, so I have NO idea which blog I read this on....but I want to hug her and thank her from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read about the "15 min clean" and I am a STRONG believer in this!!!!! I set the alarm on the stove for 15 min just before Chad gets home from work and my kids and I have to clean up whatever we can until the alarm goes off. They pretty much just sit in their rooms....but it gives me a few min. to clean up the "mess of the day". I LOVE IT!
THEN Chad and I do it AGAIN after the kids go to sleep to pick up dinner mess and get ready for the next day.
TRY IT!!!!!! When you know there is an doesn't seem so bad!!!

Alright, off to label packages. I have a new pillow that I am adding tomorrow. Hold tight!


Tamstyles said...

Hey..I thought I did..but I checked and I didnt! Thank you thank you, thank you! I love my pillows! You are soooo sweet!


Jeanneoli said...

I could handle that...or better yet...I sit in MY room and the kids clean for 15 minutes!

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Great idea!!

LOVEhailey said...

What a fantastic idea! I am so doing that today!! And hopefully everyday now. Thanks for sharing!


bagfashionista said...

hyperhomemaker, i believe...katie is honestly the best motivator around!