Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little touches

I LOVE to buy "little things"..... lots of little decorations that I can play with, and move around my house!!! For some reason I feel better about spending $50 on little things to scatter around my house...than buying one big item! If it is teal....I will probably buy it! I just love how it pops with the browns and whites in my house! love it!!!

Tonight I took my kids on a "date" to Joanne's fabric and the mall. Chad has been out of town for his yearly conference and so I just needed a break from the house! I found some SUPER great deals at Joanne's fabric and wanted to share!!!!!

I had to bribe my kids to be quiet and not touch too many things in Joanne's so afterwards we went to the mall and ate food court food, ice cream......and took a special trip the Disney Store. (which by the way has AMAZING deals right now on all summer toys and bathing suits!)

I have literally wanted these little balls for months now! I didn't want to pay $8.99.....I didn't even want to buy then at 50% off.........BUT I NEVER STOPPED THINKING ABOUT THEM!!! I happened to walk by the back of the store's clearance section and there they were for $1.65! WAHOOOO!!!!! I came home and put them out right away!!!

I also scored with this teal (bad lighting is 10pm so not much light going on) sea glass looking bottle. It was $7.99 but 50% off!!!! And these them! I bought 3 stems for $5.50 and chopped them down to fit the vase! LOVE IT!!! I am AWFUL at keeping plants/flowers! I usually only get to keep them for a month before my mom comes over for a visit and takes them home to "bring them back to life". ha!!!!

Tomorrow I am hoping that I have time to fix up those BEAUTIFUL Ikea chairs that I purchased yesterday!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I love having the house changed around a bit while Chad is gone! (although...I am not exactly sure how he feels about it. :)

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nameisgrace said...

I love your finds Katie!!!!! Teal is my favorite color too, so I would have snatched those same items if I saw them:) Have fun with the kiddos while Chad is away. Can't wait to see the chairs!! PS...I have a cheap mini Cannon camera, so I can't take any credit for nice photos, but thanks anyways!! xo