Monday, May 4, 2009


I LOVE the idea of Lola B's Tuesday Photo Challenge!!!! I am having so much fun with it! I can not find my camera tonight, so I decided to look through some of my old pictures over the past couple of years. These DEFINITELY describe me, and what makes me happy! So take this trip down memory lane.....BOY DO THEY GROW UP SOOOO FAST!!!!

This picture always makes me smile! Collin was almost 3 months and he used to LOVE to just look at me! He was/is my little man! He is happiest when he is either playing sports, or sitting with his mommy! (he loves Chad too!)

This picture makes me realize that kids are born with their own little personalities! Kacey had looked through my wedding album. She went upstairs into her dress ups, and came down in this outfit. She posed herself....and said, "okay, take my picture now mom!" JUST like my wedding pics!

Please check out her arms!!!! ha!!!! These WILL be taken out and shown on her actual wedding day!!!! They bring a tear to my eye!

Can you get over this little face?

I wish I could claim the blue eye gene....but that is alllll Chad!

They really do love each other so much! I LOVE to see them play and stick up for each other.
These two little munchkins melt my heart and make EVERY day SOOO great! They made Chad and I a Family, and for that I am soooo grateful!


Kasey said...

o.k., when did you get so cute.
love the kid's and you are just darling.
i'm adding you right now to my list. {i forgot}

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

you are adroable. dimples? too cute.

and lets talk about your sweet babes? they are SUCH precious munchkins!

loved seeing your photo tuesday..!


Allegra said...

your kids are beautiful!!
i'm having a hard time with ashton right now so thanks for the happy reminders that mothering has. i'm a little swamped in "AHHHH"'s right now ;)

Nice and Easy Antiques said...


Your kids are absolutely beautiful!!!!

We are new to your blog!


the wild raspberry said...

oh man your kiddos are just squeezably adorable!

LuLu said...

Gorgeous eyes!!! Great pictures