Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cool Cuts

Tonight we took both of the kids to "cool cuts" to get their FIRST hair cuts!!!! It was super cute! I had them ALL excited the whole day and we were going to make a BIG deal about the big event!!!! (hair cuts, pizza party, then ice cream!)
Kacey decided today she wanted her hair cut like My Little Pony, and Collin wanted his like Diego! ha!

We were driving home from our daily trip to the post office and Collin fell asleep in the car (WITH a lollipop in his hand!). When Kacey saw him passed out she said, "Oh Great! Now I can get ready for the Hair Cut Party without him in my room!" I almost drove off the road laughing!

When we got home she did EXACTLY that!!!!!! She put on her FANCY dress (pink), Red FANCY shoes, a bracelet, a necklace, and brought me HOT pink nail polish (out of MY collection) and asked me to paint her nails! HA!!! I swear I have NO idea how I am her mother!!!!!

This is her posing for her "before" picture. She actually asked if she could sit in my "fancy" chair for her picture! ha! Please check out her purse she added. I love this little girl!!!!!

Last week Kacey and Collin were being VERY quiet upstairs....and this is how they came downstairs!!!! I CALLED RIGHT AWAY FOR THE HAIR CUT! He does make a super cute little girl, but when I showed him what he looked like in the Mirror he cried!!! Kacey was SO excited to have someone to play dress ups with!

Kacey after her $17 hair cut (taking about 1/2 an inch off!) and leaving looking the exact same! Next time I will be trimming her hair, but this was fun for her first time.

Check out this car! so fun!!!
I kept trying to get the lady to cut his hair more, but she said she wanted me to think about cutting all that beautiful hair off for a few days. guess he is still my little surfer! Bad mom here....put them to bed after all this partying without an "after" picture! Tomorrow is another day!


Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

So cute! I had my son's hair long until he was almost 3. And then I cried while it was cut. It's nice that no one calls him a she any more but I really, really miss his hair.
Glad your daughter had such a fun time!

Holly and Sean said...

Awww I love that you made is such a special day. And talk about gorgeous children!!

cate said...

I only wish having my hair cut was this much fun...

LOVEhailey said...

How stinking cute!! I was cracking up the whole time. The picture of little Collin in a dress was priceless!! He'll never forgive his sister for that photo. haha..

Thanks for sharing!!