Monday, May 11, 2009

This Young House!!!

I am super excited! I LOVE This Young House!!! And I LOVE seeing my pillows on their site too!!! RUN over to their site and check out their AMAZING ideas, AND enter to win a FREE Sa-Sea Boutique Pillow Case!!!!!
While you are there.....check out their patio redo and vote vote vote for their AMAZING talents and porch! I LOVE the idea of the painted wood! I miss wood patios and decks so much, and I know for sure that if I had one I would have painted it the VERY same day that they posted their pictures. So smart!!!

I must unpack my sandy clothes from the beach. We had a BLAST! Pics to follow soon! I started my morning out with a barefoot jog on the beach and a dip in the ocean. PERFECT start to a GREAT day!

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nameisgrace said...

yay for the This Young House post!! I love them, and your pillows look fab on their site hehe. I am sooo excited you are doing the swap! Feel free to let others know about it too!