Saturday, May 9, 2009

amazing pics!!!!!!

I LOVE photography! LOVE IT! I would rather spend my money on pictures of people that I know and amazing places than even buy new shoes. (gasp!) I LOVE art as well, but love to see my family and friends and people that make me happy covering my walls even more!

My family is from Maine, and I have YET to see anything as amazing as this picture that Allegra's husband took in Rhode Island! Check it out and vote for this AMAZING picture! here is the info.....

Here’s how you can vote for his image:
Go to (if the images don’t show up, refresh the page…some browsers don't like this page)

Find the image and click on it, (he's entry #0070) - for most browsers, this will be on page 3.

Click on “vote for entry” at the bottom of the image and follow the instructions

This picture looks SOOOOOO relaxing! Kinda like seeing a shooting star!


Allegra said...

How AMAZING are YOU??!!!
THANK YOU for spreading the word!!
I can't tell you how much this means to us :)

Kara said...

If you love photography, you MUST check out Max Wanger's portfolio (esp the couples stuff). He is AMAZING. Just google him and his site comes up!
Great pic you posted there. Love that shot.

Rachel said...

I do love photography as well and hope to get my camera sooN!! Love this shot!!

LOVEhailey said...

Really lovely!! What a great shot. Thanks for sharing it.