Friday, May 22, 2009

Comfort Food- Southern Mac and Cheese!!!

We were having a SERIOUS lack of rain here in Florida............but this has ALLL changed! It hasn't stopped raining for a little over a week at our house and I am SOOO sick of it! I want to sit on the couch and sleep the day/night away. Since that is not possible.....I decided to look at all my recipies and share this AMAZING COMFORT FOOD MAC AND CHEESE!!!! My VERY Southern friend, Laci, gave me this family recipe and it is SOOOO good!!!
So go for a jog now....because this is stick to your ribs type food!!! enjoy!!! bring it to a bbq this weekend!!!!

Mac and cheese
>Oven 350.
>Make a 1 lb box of Macaroni noodles and set aside

>Melt in pot 2 sticks of butter
>Add 4T flour one at a time while stirring
>Add 1 pound block of velveta and stir until melted(yes, 1 full pound! I cut them into little cubes to melt better)
>Add a total of 5 cups of WARM milk one at a time until completely mixed in
>Add 1 egg and stir
> Add half of a bag of sharp cheddar cheese and stir until melted (told you this was southern style!)
>Add in cooked Mac noodles
>Pour the entire mixture in a large baking dish and add other half of bagged cheese ( I usually top half of the dish with fried onions to add veggies to the mix. (for good health reasons...ha)
>Cover with tin foil for 30 min

>Take cover off and continue to cook for 30 min
> Let cool for 10 min Eat your heart out.........followed by a nice
long jog and a nap on your favorite Sa-Sea Boutique Pillow! :)

Now that is a SERIOUS comfort food that hits the spot EVERY time!!!!!!!


Jill said...

YUM!!! off to make this for the holiday weekend! (we are supposed to have rain all weekend :(!)

nameisgrace said...

nothing beats southern comfort food! i think i gained 10 lbs just reading this recipe! have a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through another blog. I love the crown pillows. How do you screen print?


Kasey said...

serious comfort food! i hope it's better than my kraft mac n cheese.

Katie said...

That is SO exciting, can't wait to see what you do w/ your purchases!! I SO wish we had an Ikea around here!! We are taking a road trip to Nashville in June and I am going to hit the one up in St. Louis...pretty excited! :)