Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Work Work Work

My kids are gone to the beach for TWO WHOLE DAYS with my mother in law and her whole family. I have never had them gone for more than one night (and that has only been a hand full of times at my parents house). I am SOO excited for them and that they will get this chance to hang out at the beach and be SPOILED the whole time. I can remember going away with my grandparents and convincing them that I ALWAYS ate Lucky Charms for breakfast and that my parents regularly stocked our fridge with Kool-Aid. Ha! I can only imagine what my kids will come up with in these next two days. The though alone makes me smile for their exciting time.

Last night Chad and I were a little freaked out by how quiet the house was! He slept in this morning and laughed about the fact that he hasn't needed an alarm for work since Collin was born. (kacey was a born teenager and that girl sleeps in and then lays on the couch until she is fully up)
We didn't get the "I miss my mommy" call last night at bedtime. This made me so happy for how big and proud they are....but kind of made me sad for a split second that I wasn't needed in their nightly routine. Chad kept reminding me that this is because we have made them confident and that they are enjoying themselves. (you bet I called them first thing this morning!)

I am enjoying my day screen printing (still in my pj's) and I have the ipod CRANKED up to MY kid music here today!

Be on the look out for SEVERAL new pillow cases today!!! I will be cutting my screen printed day short to go on a hot date with my hubby tonight to a Hawaiian restaurant. MMMMM.. I hope I get something involving pineapples!

GOLD!!!!! What else screams "I AM THE QUEEN AROUND THIS HOUSE......DON'T YOU FORGET IT!" better than a GOLD crown. :)

Here are two of the new pillow case colors! LOVE THEM!


nameisgrace said...

i want a pillow!!! can you do a big seahorse in the middle of one for me?? Also, I want an S. Collin is not gonna be happy tehe!

Holly and Sean said...

Have fun on your date tonight *wink wink*

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

I am SO about those. OMG. L-O-V-E.

PS - would you mind emailing me your mailing address? ;)


Tara said...

Enjoy your free time and your hot date!! :) Love the new pillows looks like your becoming a wiz at the screen printing!

Kasey said...

beautiful pillows girlie!
where can i get some parents to take my kids for a few days?

Abby said...

I love your blog! I just had to tell my readers about you! p.s I love the pillow I got from your etsy store, it fits in our home perfectly!!!