Friday, May 1, 2009

Can't make up my mind!

My couches that I sold were just picked up and now let the fun begin! I have been patiently waiting for May5th when our Ikea opens up in Tampa, but I need some help figuring out what to get for this VERY unfinished room. I had originally planned on getting the full couch...but now I am a bit confused!!! I need your help!!!

This is the room now (with the two chairs I sold and are being picked up as well)

This is our Living room, and is right off of the front door and dining room. I actually LOVE "getting away" to this room, so I want to be able to sit and read magazines or whatever.

Here is where the help comes in.....

Should I get these two chairs, with an OLD tea table that was given to me by my grandmother that is the same blue as the star in picture in the middle of the chairs?? (LOVE THAT TABLE!)


This love seat???????


This couch????

I LOVE all of them equally and my husband and I can not figure out what to do. (he just asked me what was the best price...but surprisingly they are all pretty close in price!)


the wild raspberry said...

get them all!

{actually i like the loveseat best}
you can still cuddle with someone IF you want to but not everyone is piling on at once.
have a great weekend.

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

I really like what Chastity said -

Loveseat - you can stretch out a bit, or snuggle with someone.

Great, happy medium!



Tara said...

I like the love seat idea too, however the chairs are cute and the tea cart sounds adorable! choices choices, can't wait to see what you decide on! Happy Friday Katie!

Evy said...

I think the love seat would fit best because it will leave you some room, rather than cramping it in the corner - that way you can put something else there as well. And I think it would go well with the table you plan on putting there!

Kasey said...

I've seen those somewhere before...
i'm sure whatever you choose will be perfect.

Jessica said...

CANT WAIT for IKEA to open in Tampa... I'm so there!! I've got my eye on those chairs as well. :)

nameisgrace said...

I have the love seat and 2 wing back chairs that I placed adjacent to it. It was more than enough seating in our formal living room. In our Family room we have a sectional. I would go with the love seat. ps. i got something awesome today in the mail!!!!! will be blogging about it shortly. xoxoxoo good luck redecorating!