Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is it really almost Monday?!

I am up way to late again, and I just don't want to go to sleep because tomorrow is Monday and that means that Chad goes to work.....and I am on full time mom duty! I LOVE mom duty....but it is soooo nice to have Chad home! Everything is just SOO much easier with 4 hands to handle 2 kids!

We had a super busy weekend!!!! Chad came home Friday night after being gone for the week on a once a year sales convention in West Palm Beach. I have to say that the kids were great while he was gone. (although I hope he doesn't read this because I played it up BIG time, so that I could throw that card out this weekend when I wanted a break!)
I was BUSY BUSY sewing and finishing up my Spray Painting Projects! Did I mention that I LOVE spray paint?! And that I LOVE that they sell the colors that I LOVE at Michaels so I was able to use a 40% off coupon to buy it?!

Here are my 2 of my 4 projects all finished!!!!

I bought both of these red to match my red farm house dining room table....BUT I am moving away from the red and wanted a new fresh "me" look to it all! I LOVE the outcome!!!!
This "S" hangs right as you walk in. I LOVE it! I found it at TJ Maxx right after we got married, when I bought ANYTHING with my new married initial "S" on it! For some reason I ALWAYS wanted an "S" last name when I was in school! Growing up as a "C" meant always having to go first for projects....and All I wanted to do was sit in the end of the line with the lucky "S" people. I feel so happy for my kids! :)
These 3 Stars are right below my beloved "S" and I just painted them with primer white....and am still deciding on painting them blue. I actually like the white on the soft green walls!
This is a SNEAK PEEK of the IKEA PICTURE FRAME that I am redoing!!! I am SOOOOO excited about it!!!!!!!! I am hopefully going to finish this project tomorrow....all depending on my kids and their naps. I must say that I LOVE it so far!!!!! Ballet Slipper Pink seems to be the Perfect vintage pink that I have been looking for for my sewing/guest room!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I LOVE Spray Paint!!!!!

I have never used spray paint before!!! GASP!!!! I am scared of it, and scared of ruining something that I already love! But today.....I changed my opinion and I now not only like...BUT LOVE Spray Paint!!!!!!!

I set up shop in my driveway this morning with my new Ikea Chair, a can of primer, and a can of robins egg blue paint. I finished the chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is just a sneak peak....I have a few more touches to make!

I had sooo much fun with it, that I brought out a few more goodies to paint!!! These were all items that I loved and wanted, and just was waiting until I got up the nerve to paint. SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sneak Peak!!!!
Hopefully with My Father in law visiting this weekend....I will be able to finish these up and post the pics soon!!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little touches

I LOVE to buy "little things"..... lots of little decorations that I can play with, and move around my house!!! For some reason I feel better about spending $50 on little things to scatter around my house...than buying one big item! If it is teal....I will probably buy it! I just love how it pops with the browns and whites in my house! love it!!!

Tonight I took my kids on a "date" to Joanne's fabric and the mall. Chad has been out of town for his yearly conference and so I just needed a break from the house! I found some SUPER great deals at Joanne's fabric and wanted to share!!!!!

I had to bribe my kids to be quiet and not touch too many things in Joanne's so afterwards we went to the mall and ate food court food, ice cream......and took a special trip the Disney Store. (which by the way has AMAZING deals right now on all summer toys and bathing suits!)

I have literally wanted these little balls for months now! I didn't want to pay $8.99.....I didn't even want to buy then at 50% off.........BUT I NEVER STOPPED THINKING ABOUT THEM!!! I happened to walk by the back of the store's clearance section and there they were for $1.65! WAHOOOO!!!!! I came home and put them out right away!!!

I also scored with this teal (bad lighting is 10pm so not much light going on) sea glass looking bottle. It was $7.99 but 50% off!!!! And these them! I bought 3 stems for $5.50 and chopped them down to fit the vase! LOVE IT!!! I am AWFUL at keeping plants/flowers! I usually only get to keep them for a month before my mom comes over for a visit and takes them home to "bring them back to life". ha!!!!

Tomorrow I am hoping that I have time to fix up those BEAUTIFUL Ikea chairs that I purchased yesterday!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I love having the house changed around a bit while Chad is gone! (although...I am not exactly sure how he feels about it. :)

Told you I have been busy as a bee....

I have been busy busy busy lately! Orders are being mailed daily and I have ALL of my designs switched over to Screen Printing! LOVE IT!!!!! They are washable and lovable! :)

Here are a few of the new designs and sets that I have just added to my shop!
This is the new 12x16 Queen Bee Pillow case with black pom pom trim on 2 sides. Great addition to your Queen bee collection.
The original Queen Bee Pillow Case now offered in Gold!!!!!! Yes, Gold!!!!!

I added white pom pom trim to the bird cage pillow case and a new 16x16 chandelier bird design was added to my shop! so cute for summer

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shopping Trip!!!

I am VERY excited because Ikea opened up in Tampa early this month and I AM GOING TOMORROW!!! I did go a few days after it first opened, but it was CRAZY and I just followed the Mob of people in a maze around the store until I ended up at the ice cream shop and purchased ice cream and cinnamon buns! I left with a catalog and a big case of buns for breakfast!

Tomorrow I am going back!!!!! I have my list already made of the things that I can get and fit in my car (with the two kids and car seats) and here it is! I am getting two of these super cute $19 chairs! I know they don't look like much, BUT I have BIG plans for them!!!!! (Grace gave me the idea!!!)
This super bright pink chair is going in my sewing room. It has taken on a very Chic Boutique image and I am just going with it! It isn't my normal style....but when I am creating and sewing I like getting out of my little "box". PLUS, this DEF beats out the KIDS CHAIR I am sewing on now! Yes, I take the chair from my kid's little table and chair set to sew!!! oh so sad!!! This will all go away tomorrow and they can have their chair back!
This frame is also WAY outside of my normal "plain jane" look! I got the idea from my sister! This super fun frame is under $30 from Ikea and she spray painted hers white and added cork in the middle!!!! LOVE IT! I am going to keep it black, and either put cork in it....or spray it pink and paint the inside as a chalk board. Decisions decisions!
Alright, off to package up some pillows.....and then add to my list! I am SO excited about my big trip! I am just wondering if Collin has any high heel shoes I can put him in for our trip! HE IS TOO SHORT TO GO IN THE PLAY AREA!!!!! Who has a height requirement for a play yard?!!!! This just means that I will have to pick up ice cream drips all over Ikea! Great!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Comfort Food- Southern Mac and Cheese!!!

We were having a SERIOUS lack of rain here in Florida............but this has ALLL changed! It hasn't stopped raining for a little over a week at our house and I am SOOO sick of it! I want to sit on the couch and sleep the day/night away. Since that is not possible.....I decided to look at all my recipies and share this AMAZING COMFORT FOOD MAC AND CHEESE!!!! My VERY Southern friend, Laci, gave me this family recipe and it is SOOOO good!!!
So go for a jog now....because this is stick to your ribs type food!!! enjoy!!! bring it to a bbq this weekend!!!!

Mac and cheese
>Oven 350.
>Make a 1 lb box of Macaroni noodles and set aside

>Melt in pot 2 sticks of butter
>Add 4T flour one at a time while stirring
>Add 1 pound block of velveta and stir until melted(yes, 1 full pound! I cut them into little cubes to melt better)
>Add a total of 5 cups of WARM milk one at a time until completely mixed in
>Add 1 egg and stir
> Add half of a bag of sharp cheddar cheese and stir until melted (told you this was southern style!)
>Add in cooked Mac noodles
>Pour the entire mixture in a large baking dish and add other half of bagged cheese ( I usually top half of the dish with fried onions to add veggies to the mix. (for good health reasons...ha)
>Cover with tin foil for 30 min

>Take cover off and continue to cook for 30 min
> Let cool for 10 min Eat your heart out.........followed by a nice
long jog and a nap on your favorite Sa-Sea Boutique Pillow! :)

Now that is a SERIOUS comfort food that hits the spot EVERY time!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009




Cool Cuts

Tonight we took both of the kids to "cool cuts" to get their FIRST hair cuts!!!! It was super cute! I had them ALL excited the whole day and we were going to make a BIG deal about the big event!!!! (hair cuts, pizza party, then ice cream!)
Kacey decided today she wanted her hair cut like My Little Pony, and Collin wanted his like Diego! ha!

We were driving home from our daily trip to the post office and Collin fell asleep in the car (WITH a lollipop in his hand!). When Kacey saw him passed out she said, "Oh Great! Now I can get ready for the Hair Cut Party without him in my room!" I almost drove off the road laughing!

When we got home she did EXACTLY that!!!!!! She put on her FANCY dress (pink), Red FANCY shoes, a bracelet, a necklace, and brought me HOT pink nail polish (out of MY collection) and asked me to paint her nails! HA!!! I swear I have NO idea how I am her mother!!!!!

This is her posing for her "before" picture. She actually asked if she could sit in my "fancy" chair for her picture! ha! Please check out her purse she added. I love this little girl!!!!!

Last week Kacey and Collin were being VERY quiet upstairs....and this is how they came downstairs!!!! I CALLED RIGHT AWAY FOR THE HAIR CUT! He does make a super cute little girl, but when I showed him what he looked like in the Mirror he cried!!! Kacey was SO excited to have someone to play dress ups with!

Kacey after her $17 hair cut (taking about 1/2 an inch off!) and leaving looking the exact same! Next time I will be trimming her hair, but this was fun for her first time.

Check out this car! so fun!!!
I kept trying to get the lady to cut his hair more, but she said she wanted me to think about cutting all that beautiful hair off for a few days. guess he is still my little surfer! Bad mom here....put them to bed after all this partying without an "after" picture! Tomorrow is another day!

Tweet Tweet

I have a new little crush on bird cages! I am soo allergic to real birds, but love the idea of the cage and how sweet they look!!! I have added a new Bird Cage Pillow Case at my shop! It comes in this peacock blue, but is also available in black, silver and gold!!!

Don't forget to sign up for the Purse Giveaway!!!!! Today is the last day!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

15 Min Clean

Okay, so I have NO idea which blog I read this on....but I want to hug her and thank her from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read about the "15 min clean" and I am a STRONG believer in this!!!!! I set the alarm on the stove for 15 min just before Chad gets home from work and my kids and I have to clean up whatever we can until the alarm goes off. They pretty much just sit in their rooms....but it gives me a few min. to clean up the "mess of the day". I LOVE IT!
THEN Chad and I do it AGAIN after the kids go to sleep to pick up dinner mess and get ready for the next day.
TRY IT!!!!!! When you know there is an doesn't seem so bad!!!

Alright, off to label packages. I have a new pillow that I am adding tomorrow. Hold tight!

Pillow Coupons

I have received a lot of questions in regards to where to find good/less expensive pillows to put in the pillow cases! Joanne's fabric has them ON SALE this week 40% off....and then a coupon for an additional 10% off of all sale items this fri-sun!!!!

Just google "Joannes coupons" and then print them out!!! THEY REALLY WORK!!! :)

I am going to stock up! I have a few sizes I want to add around my house!!!

Don't forget to sign up for the Purse Giveaway!!!!!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have NEVER done a giveaway before, but this morning I went down to this wholesale "purse lady" and went a bit crazy! I bought WAY too many purses and so I decided that I should give one away!!!! (yes, we have a wholesale purse distributor that I know and get the purse hook up!)
This purse is navy blue and white striped and looks like the PERFECT beach purse!!! I can picture it with jeans and a white shirt! love it!!!!!!!

So leave a comment on this post from now until Thursday at midnight and I will announce on Friday the winner of this super cute bag!!! (and then I will cry a little tear as I mail it off that afternoon!!!) GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

AND HERE ARE A FEW OF THE NEW PILLOWS THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON!!! I have always claimed to be a SILVER ONLY girl....however Gold has made it's way into my heart lately! I am adding a few of the origional designs in GOLD as well as black!!!

And after spending time at the beach....I just HAD to add this pillow. It just makes me feel happy! They will be up in my shop this evening considering Collin will not take a nap!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

I have been BEYOND busy lately!!! Between company, trips to visit family, vpk registration and meetings, ballet recital practices............SEWING, SCREEN PRINTING, SEWING, SCREEN PRINTING....I have been running non-stop. I LOVE being busy!
THANK YOU ALL for being SOO patient as I switch over from transfers to SCREEN PRINTING. I am LOVING the outcome!!!!!

Dispite this busy busy time, I am still finding "me time". I LOVE the hours between 10pm and 1am when I am the only one awake.....I can sit down and do what I WANT TO DO! I can sew, watch hgtv, catch up on Oprah, read magazines...whatever I feel like doing. I don't get interrupted with...
I need a snack
I have to go potty
I am stuck
She/he hit me
NOTHING interrupts me at this hour.

I am SOOOO grateful that my husband doesn't leave for work until 9am and he feeds the kids breakfast so that I can sleep until 8 or 8:30 most mornings. He knows the "wrath of Katie" if I am overtired. :) It is a HUGE help!!!!!

I PROMISE that within the next two days I WILL add my new is a clue.....BEACH, BIRDS, A BIKE, AND GOLD. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009






Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Work Work Work

My kids are gone to the beach for TWO WHOLE DAYS with my mother in law and her whole family. I have never had them gone for more than one night (and that has only been a hand full of times at my parents house). I am SOO excited for them and that they will get this chance to hang out at the beach and be SPOILED the whole time. I can remember going away with my grandparents and convincing them that I ALWAYS ate Lucky Charms for breakfast and that my parents regularly stocked our fridge with Kool-Aid. Ha! I can only imagine what my kids will come up with in these next two days. The though alone makes me smile for their exciting time.

Last night Chad and I were a little freaked out by how quiet the house was! He slept in this morning and laughed about the fact that he hasn't needed an alarm for work since Collin was born. (kacey was a born teenager and that girl sleeps in and then lays on the couch until she is fully up)
We didn't get the "I miss my mommy" call last night at bedtime. This made me so happy for how big and proud they are....but kind of made me sad for a split second that I wasn't needed in their nightly routine. Chad kept reminding me that this is because we have made them confident and that they are enjoying themselves. (you bet I called them first thing this morning!)

I am enjoying my day screen printing (still in my pj's) and I have the ipod CRANKED up to MY kid music here today!

Be on the look out for SEVERAL new pillow cases today!!! I will be cutting my screen printed day short to go on a hot date with my hubby tonight to a Hawaiian restaurant. MMMMM.. I hope I get something involving pineapples!

GOLD!!!!! What else screams "I AM THE QUEEN AROUND THIS HOUSE......DON'T YOU FORGET IT!" better than a GOLD crown. :)

Here are two of the new pillow case colors! LOVE THEM!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Makes Me Happy

I am probably happiest when I am at the beach with my family! I can't get enough of the sound, the smell, the shells, the sun, my kids excitement....all of it! I love it! I spent 2 days at the beach and feel SOOO refreshed! (and a tad bit fried on the shoulders....failed me again spf 30!!!)

My mother's day was AMAZING! I received a HUGE balloon that sings "you are my sunshine" that my son picked out (and I have wanted to pop it ever since due to the CONSTANT singing when my kids tap on it!), a SUPER cute frame my daughter made at school with a handmade card (my fave kind), a cake that said happy mothers day...............and a day where I didn't lift a finger! I even got to take a nap on the beach under the umbrella and took a jog alone on the beach! THAT BEATS OUT ANY KIND OF GIFT ALONE! It was GREAT! I could tell my kids were excited to help out and kept picking EVERY single flower that they could find to bring to me on my special day. I truly felt amazing and loved!

My husband's family is staying at the beach all week. (about an hour and a half from our house) The plan as of now is that we are bringing the kids to stay there for the next two nights....and then my husband and I will return on Thursday and Friday. I am VERY excited about being able to sew and screen print my little heart out on my MUCH needed "day off", but I am also a bit nervous as to how my kids will act at bed time and being away for 2 nights. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!

Here are some pictures we took on Mother's day. I realized as the sun was going down that we had been at the beach ALL day without any pictures! See, when mom is having a "day off from all duties" pictures just don't get taken. :)This was taken by Kacey. I seriously think she takes amazing pics!!! (please take note of Collin's Diego in EVERY picture with him)
My little sunshine! She has a blue chin after eating VERY blue ice cream! ha!
Good luck trying to get a good family pic after 2 scoops of ice cream and a full day at the beach.

These two make my world a better place!!!!! EVERY day is brighter with them! They are the reason that I am able to celebrate such an AMAZING mother's day!

This Young House!!!

I am super excited! I LOVE This Young House!!! And I LOVE seeing my pillows on their site too!!! RUN over to their site and check out their AMAZING ideas, AND enter to win a FREE Sa-Sea Boutique Pillow Case!!!!!
While you are there.....check out their patio redo and vote vote vote for their AMAZING talents and porch! I LOVE the idea of the painted wood! I miss wood patios and decks so much, and I know for sure that if I had one I would have painted it the VERY same day that they posted their pictures. So smart!!!

I must unpack my sandy clothes from the beach. We had a BLAST! Pics to follow soon! I started my morning out with a barefoot jog on the beach and a dip in the ocean. PERFECT start to a GREAT day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Happy Mother's day to all of you FABULOUS mother out there!!!!! I hope your day is filled with amazing food (all delivered to you by someone other than yourself!), wonderful drinks (any kind will do....but please add something pretty like a flower or umbrella to it), amazing friends (that want to sit around and talk about what amazing mom's we are), flowers (either real or made with pipe cleaners by your kids at preschool)......and all while having your feet up!!! SOUNDS WONDERFUL!!!!!

Enjoy your special day!!!! I will be spending the ENTIRE day at the beach with my family and enjoying this wonderful time with my kids and hubby doing what I do best.....relaxing on the beach! I feel SO blessed to have AMAZING kids, a VERY supportive and loving husband, a job that allows me to be creative and lock myself in my sewing room all alone, and an amazing mom that I am able to spend time with almost daily, and sooo many wonderful family and friends that I get to enjoy this ride with!!!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!

AND CHECK OUT THIS YOUNG HOUSE ON MONDAY FOR AN AMAZING GIVE AWAY!!!!! I am in LOVE with this blog! I actually found them in one of my decorating magazines while I was on a road trip and couldn't wait to get home and check out their WONDERFUL blog! They are BEYOND sweet, and live in Richmond Virginia. (I grew up in Northern Virginia!) Their style, house, ideas, and entire blog is amazing and I feel SOOO honored to be able to be a part of it for a day!!!! GO Sa-Sea!!! :) So stalk their site on Monday!

amazing pics!!!!!!

I LOVE photography! LOVE IT! I would rather spend my money on pictures of people that I know and amazing places than even buy new shoes. (gasp!) I LOVE art as well, but love to see my family and friends and people that make me happy covering my walls even more!

My family is from Maine, and I have YET to see anything as amazing as this picture that Allegra's husband took in Rhode Island! Check it out and vote for this AMAZING picture! here is the info.....

Here’s how you can vote for his image:
Go to (if the images don’t show up, refresh the page…some browsers don't like this page)

Find the image and click on it, (he's entry #0070) - for most browsers, this will be on page 3.

Click on “vote for entry” at the bottom of the image and follow the instructions

This picture looks SOOOOOO relaxing! Kinda like seeing a shooting star!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Movin On Up

I have been MIA for the past couple of days for a few reasons. Some SUPER exciting and fun....and some SUPER annoying!!!
I will start with the super annoying, I got a HUGE spider bite on my arm last weekend and ended up going to the Dr. office. I wish I could find that spider and squish him!!! I am usually not a bug squisher....but this spider I would squish! Why oh why would I get a bite just as I am heading out to the beach and can't get much sun on it with my medicine...ON MY SHOULDER. I don't know how I am going to manage this one!

But onto the SUPER fun news.....SA-SEA BOUTIQUE IS MOVIN ON UP! I have had MANY sleepless nights this week sitting in front of my NEW SCREEN PRINTING EQUIPMENT!!! I have finally mastered it, and have been making pillows....and am coming up with new designs this weekend.....SOO FUN! I will drop one hint.....CAN WE SAY GOLD IMAGES!! YES WE CAN!!!!

I apologize in advance for my orders taking a little longer to mail out this week, but I wanted to transition everything over nicely!

Back to printing! I have got crowns on EVERYTHING in my house now! I even ventured out to canvas art for my sewing room. SO FUN! Pictures will come later this weekend. Our a/c was out ALLLLLLLLLL day (yes in Florida on the hottest week yet) so I have been slacking all day.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I LOVE the idea of Lola B's Tuesday Photo Challenge!!!! I am having so much fun with it! I can not find my camera tonight, so I decided to look through some of my old pictures over the past couple of years. These DEFINITELY describe me, and what makes me happy! So take this trip down memory lane.....BOY DO THEY GROW UP SOOOO FAST!!!!

This picture always makes me smile! Collin was almost 3 months and he used to LOVE to just look at me! He was/is my little man! He is happiest when he is either playing sports, or sitting with his mommy! (he loves Chad too!)

This picture makes me realize that kids are born with their own little personalities! Kacey had looked through my wedding album. She went upstairs into her dress ups, and came down in this outfit. She posed herself....and said, "okay, take my picture now mom!" JUST like my wedding pics!

Please check out her arms!!!! ha!!!! These WILL be taken out and shown on her actual wedding day!!!! They bring a tear to my eye!

Can you get over this little face?

I wish I could claim the blue eye gene....but that is alllll Chad!

They really do love each other so much! I LOVE to see them play and stick up for each other.
These two little munchkins melt my heart and make EVERY day SOOO great! They made Chad and I a Family, and for that I am soooo grateful!

Should I or Shouldn't I?

I am AWFUL at bargaining! I generally just pay what people ask, and feel okay about it. I also have a bad habit of finding bad finds on craigslist that my husband says "just because it's a good deal, doesn't mean it is worth it!" ha!

So I am asking.......does this chair look like a good "first timer" redo? I LOVE it! I am thinking a fresh coat of white paint....and a nice robins egg blue and white fabric that I have and LOVE. They said that they purchased it last year for $100 and to make an offer. HELP!!! :)

The more I look at these pictures, the more I am in love with it! Which means that I would go there with $100 in hand. I need your encouragement to make an offer....or walk away. :) Maybe I should have my husband handle the haggle. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I've been at it again

I have been creating new pillows AGAIN. I love it! I love changing out my house, and making new designs! Check these out in my shop!!!
I was also shocked to get two emails saying I have been included in two super fun treasuries. Check them out!!!!
Sassy Shabby (love the number 5!!!!! might have to purchase this!)

Friday, May 1, 2009


I spent this afternoon laying out at my parents pool because I am "their gardener" while they are away on vacation. I LOVE the Spring in Florida! My kids had on their Speedo live vests and EVERY pool toy I could find, and they had a BLAST in the FREEZING cold pool!

The best part about today.........Collin is sleeping and kacey is soooo tired from swimming that she is laying down and coloring. WAHOOOOOOOOOO FOR HOUSE SITTING!!!!!

I also found a SUPER cute giveaway at Fun And Fancy Free!!!!!!! She is opening up her own etsy shop and is giving away her first item!!!
I am loving it.....and I know JUST where I would hang it to remind me of this WONDERFUL day of sun, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.....and naps!!!!
Go on over and enter to win!!!!!

Can't make up my mind!

My couches that I sold were just picked up and now let the fun begin! I have been patiently waiting for May5th when our Ikea opens up in Tampa, but I need some help figuring out what to get for this VERY unfinished room. I had originally planned on getting the full couch...but now I am a bit confused!!! I need your help!!!

This is the room now (with the two chairs I sold and are being picked up as well)

This is our Living room, and is right off of the front door and dining room. I actually LOVE "getting away" to this room, so I want to be able to sit and read magazines or whatever.

Here is where the help comes in.....

Should I get these two chairs, with an OLD tea table that was given to me by my grandmother that is the same blue as the star in picture in the middle of the chairs?? (LOVE THAT TABLE!)


This love seat???????


This couch????

I LOVE all of them equally and my husband and I can not figure out what to do. (he just asked me what was the best price...but surprisingly they are all pretty close in price!)