Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I LOVE birthdays!!!! Especially my kid's birthdays!!!! I try my BEST to go ALLLL out and make them feel special and know just how special they are!

Kacey's 5th birthday is coming up at the end of July and she has told me that she wants an Ariel Pool party this year!!!! (not to mention she wants to have an all girl's tea party at her house as well, YIKES!)

I am in search of a cute birthday cake idea. I LOVE making their cakes. I am not a baker, but I LOVE to decorate the cakes. I have gotten better over the years and am starting to feel pressure. :)

This is Kacey's 1st birthday cake! She loved the beach, so I wanted to make it a Nemo themed party. :)

This picture just melts my heart! This was Kacey after her first piece of Birthday Cake. WOW...TIME FLIES BY!!!!!!

I must have been in a big rush for this party! (actually, I was pregnant with Collin so I probably just wanted to get it over with so I didn't have to look at it any longer!) She had a JoJo the Clown Circus Party. ;)

Kacey's 3rd Birthday party was Cinderella. I worked SOOO hard on this Cinderella cake that at the last min I made cupcakes for her friends to eat because I didn't want to cut it! ha!
This was probably my FAVORITE cake yet! I used the Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Pan and then went to town to make it into a carriage. Kacey was SOO surprised. (I never show them their cakes until it is time to eat it!)
We didn't actually have a party last year because we took her to Disney world and had dinner with Cinderella!!! (with her Best Friend, they both have birthday's in July)

This was Collin's Car "cupcakes". Kacey and I decorated them with their Halloween Candy. (that is a GREAT way to get the candy out of the house!!!)

Collin wanted a Baseball Themed 2nd Birthday Party! SOOO cute! I made him a jersey with his name and the number 2 on it! We set up a Concession stand and served all baseball style foods. It was REALLY cute!

Now.....what on earth should I do for an Ariel Party!!!! HELP!!!


Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

you are SO cute!! LOVE what you're doing...can't WAIT to see what you come up with for Ariel!

you go girl!


Brenda said...

I love that you keep the cakes a secret till the big reveal. That is such an awesome thing to do for your kids. the fact that you even bake is awesome. Have you tried coolest-birthday-cakes.com?

Queen B. said...

You are AmAzInG !!!
love those cakes ! :)

pinkstilettos said...

Hi. What a cute baby!! SHe is adorable. Great Cakes too! I was going to tell you I have some photos of an Ariel party on my blog La sweet Settings.blogspot.com if you want a little inspiration. Daisy~

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Great job,you are a great mom!

Good luck with Ariel!!!!

Can't really help you....sorry....

Tamstyles said...

what a great mom..and a great job..i have to say that birthday cakes have not been my good talent..

Allegra said...

Okay lady..those cakes are crazy intense WOW!! You are so awesome!!! Can you bake for me?! :)

janet said...

you do an awesome job at decorating cakes, and oh my, kacey's face is so priceless, squeezeable cheeks and so adorable.

Triple Net said...

This was a great post with awesome pictures. It was nice to see that she only wore some of the cake and it looks like she polished off the rest of her slice. She is very cute!