Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eye Candy

I have been busy working on some NEW pillow cases!!!!! New Colors, New Styles...new new new! Now....I want to share them with all of you.....AND MY CAMERA CRASHED! And by saying, "crashed" I mean, I dropped it. :(

So for now I am going to leave you with some eye candy!!!! Some amazing pictures that make me happy and make me want to go buy a lotto ticket so that I can finish my house EXACTLY like them!!! I know I could check on craigs list and find some amazing redo projects.....but they are always sold when I get up the nerve to call. And for yard sales......well.....we all know that my yard sale experience ended in me having a new DOG! :)

So enjoy these pics!!! (and so sorry I don't have the source for a few of them! I used to just save pictures that I loved without info!)
This little girl is sooo cute!!! The bench, pictures, walls....love it all!!!!!! I can only imagine she is waiting patiently for her parents. (although, kind of looks like a good "time out spot"...so I am not sure. :)
I know that I have NO business wanting a fireplace in Florida. (esp in the summer!) but I just like the feel of it!!! (not the heat of it...but the feeling it gives you just looking at it)
(from Shabby chic's site) This is SOOO cute! Not a look my husband would let me do...but oh so nice to look at!!1

Those curtains are AMAZING!!! Soo EASY TO DO!!!!!
HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!! And hopefully I will either fix my camera or borrow one tonight to add the new pics!!! xoxo


Maya said...

Nice dream interiors..., me too am playing the lottery! And..., my site A Beach House Dream has relocated to A Beach Lovers Place, I hope you'll visit and follow me there...

Fun and Fancy Free said...

What a tease! lol j/k
I can't wait to see the new pillows!

Lynette said...

I really like that first pic too - makes me want to glaze my kitchen cabinets or something in a BAD way!!

Sorry your camera crashed - can't wait to see your new goodies -

cate said...

I love the fire place idea too! There are a few days of the year when I would use it

Christy said...

I'd love to know where the fireplace is from! I'm in FL too and our house does not have a fireplace. I REALLY miss having a mantle to decorate and would LOVE a "fake" fireplace for my family room. LOVE your blog!