Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When all else fails...paint!

Today was just "one of those days"! My daughter had her last day of preschool this morning and they were having a water slide party. (small private school) She came home SOOOO tired! My son fell asleep on the way home from running errands with a chicken nugget in his hand!!!!! I thought my day was going to run smooth.........UNTIL I WALKED INTO MY HOUSE AND NOTICED THE A/C WAS NOT WORKING AND IT WAS 85!!!!! Not just a normal 85...but a hot sticky FLORIDA 85!!!

I carefully put Collin in his bed and told Kacey that we could hang out and relax and watch a movie just to get some rest. About 15 min later Collin came crying out of his room because it was too hot in there.....and the 3 of us spent the rest of the day laying below the living room fan until the a/c guy came!!!! (only to find out that the breaker tripped and it was as simple as a flip of a switch....literally!)

Anyways.............sometime during the day my fully charged blackberry stopped accepting or sending texts AND my cable went out during a late afternoon storm! THE ONLY HOUSE ON MY STREET TO HAVE THE CABLE GO OUT!!!!

So....we put the kids to bed almost an hour early (GOTTA LOVE AN EARLY EVENING STORM THAT MAKES IT LOOK DARK OUT!) and I painted. It was kind of nice to paint a bit to unwind!!! Check out my new creation! I painted the stripes and then screen printed the sea horse! I did a crown two weekends ago for my daughter and wanted to make one for the rest of us to enjoy today!!!
I am not exactly sure why the pictures are so dark! My camera is probably breaking too with my luck today! :)
Check out my new milk glass from Frenchie & Flea that I am in LOVE with!!!! (the little runner is on the shelf because I painted them and couldn't wait to get stuff on it so I put this there so it wouldn't stick to the paint! ha)


Allegra said...

Do you know how nervous I was that that piece wouldn't make it there whole?! PHEW ;)
You are wonderful.
I love the seahorse.
(Your package should be going out tomorrow, friend!! The swap package that is)

Tara said...

Love the beach feel to your painting, so perfect!! Sorry about your day, hopefully today will be smooth sailing.

anything goes here said...

I love milkglass and beach stuff so I'm glad I stopped by to see your lovely blog. xo Joan

Kasey said...

oh, i love your little purchase!

Duck said...

Girl..I have tons of milk glass from my Gma, you should come by and see if you want any. It's all boxed up in my garage!