Monday, June 29, 2009

Chandelier LOVE

I have been wanting to make a Chandelier pillow case for a while now (one other than the bird chandelier already in my shop) ....and this weekend I did it! :)

Here are a few of the inspirations that I am slightly in love with at the moment. (saying "slightly" only because I can't be TOO in love with them when I have nowhere in my house to put them!)

The Chloe Chandelier. I LOVE the pink tear drop crystals hanging!!! This alone might make me climb into the attic and wire my daughter's room for a chandelier!

Again, these hanging crystals are soo pretty!!!!

Both of these are from Pottery Barn Kids! I love their chandeliers and they have much lower pricing than expected!

Here is a picture of the newly screen printed pillow case that I JUST added to MY SHOP. I love how it turned out (but the picture.....well let's just say my camera is still on it's way out and I had to take this with my blackberry) !
I am going to make it in a few colors!!! PINK, SILVER, GOLD, AND TURQUOISE. (just include in the message portion of your order if you are interested in any of the colors besides black)



cate said...


Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

KATIE! I LOVE THESE!! (sorry, I was yelling to myself as I was typing this...)

I just etsy convo'd you about my selections, and it definitely includes this fabulous new addition!

I think I'd like them in pink.



The DIY Show Off said...

So pretty!

LuLu said...

It's just the cutest!