Monday, March 16, 2009

I was at it again....

I found myself in my craft room making pillows again today. :) I have decided that I am going to redo my daughter's bedroom and I wanted to make some soft and girlie pillows for her. Then I realized that I wanted a little pillow for myself....and that is how it all began. :)

This is the pillow that I am adding to my bedroom. It measures 12X16 and will fit in nicely! The edge is a tutu ruffle. LOVE how sweet it is!


Kacey's new pillow. (a bit wrinkled because she decided to hug it with excitement when I showed her what I had been working on)

Love the new take on the crown pillow! It just seems so soft and would fit nicely onto any couch or bed!

Did I forget to mention I made a new towel too. :)

This tote is one of my new favorites! It has an address in Paris on it, and makes me feel like I have been somewhere amazing. :) (or am on my way there)
check them out here to pick one up for yourself...or a friend...or two.....


Honey Bend Vintage said...

I love the pillow with the crown!
Enjoyed your blog

cate said...

Great work and the Paris Bag is stunning!

Tara said...

Loving the sweet dreams pillow, I have a thing for pom pom trim!! Cute as always...!

Tamstyles said...

Hey I am in the process of redoing my daughters room to..she is 11 almost 12

Alkemie said...

I love the Crown pillow and the tote at the end!

Karen O.