Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Planning Our Annual Green Party

Every year I invited the neighborhood kids over for a "green party"!!! (okay, last year was my first year, but it is something that I PLAN on doing yearly) I am already searching for some cute ideas to surprise everyone with! The rule is that you have to bring something green to eat and share!

I will (of course!) make sure that the Leprechaun's visit and put some magic surprises in the kid's food!

For Starters...... I will pour green food coloring in the bottom of their milk glass, then when they stir will turn their milk green! The Leprechaun's used to do that at my house when I was a kid...guess it is their favorite trick. :)

Last year I served Peanut Butter and Jelly for the kids on Green bread that I found at the grocery store bakery, but I am going to come up with something different this year.

Dessert is my FAVORITE part of the night!!!!

I Put 2 Tbs of Pistachio pudding in the bottom of a glass bowl for each kid. They will each have a glass with a half of a cup of cold milk that they pour into their bowl. (also GREAT to use baby food jars so that they can just shake them) When the milk mixes with the pudding....IT TURNS GREEN!!!!! They LOVE this!
(*One package of instant pistachio pudding makes just about 4 servings...just play around with measurements because the package comes with a little over 7 tablespoons of powder)

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cate said...

My personal favorite is Lime flavouring it tastes & looks GREAT especially on ice cream & in milk shakes !! Good Luck