Thursday, March 19, 2009


I looked and organized all of my pictures of how I WANT my house to be....and got so depressed that I am sooo far off that I decided to sew. I LOVE sewing, You can sit down at the machine for an hour and create something that you can be proud of, and I already have enough supplies to sew just about that is just what I did. :)

I love this print!!!! My little man STILL has to fall asleep with his super soft minky blanket just because it is sooo soft! love it!

This was my favorite little outfit when Collin was a little guy! I think I have made him the same shirt in every single size he has ever fit into.

love this combo and I wish I would have had this fabric when Kacey was little. She has a blanket like this now, but it isn't the same as taking baby pictures of her wrapped in bright bubble gum polka dots! so sweet!!!

This is the same blanket...just the reverse side.
I have been making/selling baby items since Kacey was born. I haven't been doing much advertising for the site lately because I was overloaded for a while....but I am ready to start making some baby gear again. you can check out my originally (still working) boutique here.
And these items are also just now available in my etsy shop!!!


Tara said...

Adorable...ok so I am convinced from the ruffles to these princess onsies, I need a girl NOW!! Have a wonderful weekend Katie!

pinkstilettos said...

The little onesie with the crown on it is adorable. Daisy~