Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today Is The Day

So Today I have decided is the day that I make a project list.................a REAL project list......and try to stick to it! I am sooo up in the air on all things dealing with decorating. I always just browse Home Goods, TJ Maxx, or any of those AMAZING places and just pick up things that I LOVE...not knowing where they will go or even sometimes knowing what they are. :)

But today is the day I am organizing all my folders of pictures I have cut out with "LOVE" written about something they have done...........and I am coming up with a plan!

This couch looks sooo inviting! I LOVE the colors of pillows and the carpet.

I wish I could figure out how to make a seat cover like that! I am going to get some fabric and just practice until I get it to look JUST like that! I am also SERIOUSLY considering painting my table that grayish/greenish/blueish color and then sanding the heck out of it! LOVE it!

This couch just makes me happy. Will have to go in my newly labeled "maybe in 18 years when the kids are away at college on a full scholarship so that I have money to buy these beautiful things" file.

I might paint my sewing table with these stripes. There I go again with the "might".....this is why I need to come up with a plan and STICK to it! I always just wait for a better Idea to come along. Serious Problem because nothing gets done when you are doing that!!!


Kasey said...

I love it all. I too have a farmtable in my dining room just like in the pic. I don't know if I can quite use white seats because of the kids, but i love it nontheless.

Honey Bend Vintage said...

I dream of a farm table like that! I am with you about getting th projects underway. I am going to try the same thing. We can each other on task~ My first task to look at your sweet pillows

Tara said...

Love the attitude...!! love all the inspirational photos as well. I think your table would look great that color, ask Kasey about paint, she does wonders on her vintage finds!

Alkemie said...

Love the inspirational photos! The last photo is so bright and airy! Very cool striped table.

Karen O.

paperdoll said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad to find yours!!! We have the same taste EXACTLY! I love every single one of your inspiration pics!!! I love that ruffle pillow in your shop!

paperdoll said...

If you ever figure out how to make those chair covers I'll be wanting some!!