Monday, March 9, 2009

Slight Obsession with Pillows

Yes, it is true! I could spend hours looking in the pillow aisle at Home Goods, I just love pillows and how it can soften the look of any room! I decided that I wanted to dress up my couch a little bit today, and since I have not yet tackled the dreaded task of covering them...I decided to make a pillow. I am loving it!!! Linen, Soft White cotton, and crystals.....HOW COULD YOU GO WRONG!!!!!

Feel free to check them out at.... (nudge...nudge)

Not my house, but I had this picture saved (not sure where it was saved from, just loved it). Makes the bench SOO inviting!


Anonymous said...

I love your pillow! A little sparkle makes all the difference!


Tara said...

Lovely pillow...I too have a slight infatuation with pillows! But yours are so sweet and feminine, perfect and I love that last picture, just love it!