Monday, March 30, 2009

A Princess, A Pirate, And Some Pillows

This weekend we decided to have a vacation at "Grammy and Grampy's House". (aka my parents) We used to come visit them once a month and stay for a weekend when we still lived in West Palm and my kids LOVED staying the night and waking up there! We visit them alllll the time, but there is something different about staying the night and actually pretending you are on a real vacation!
It was GREAT! I was able to actually relax and didn't have to worry about anything! Gotta love that!!!!!
We have been in the process of potty training Collin (turned 2 in November) and he is actually REALLY into it because he wants to be big like his big sister, Kacey. (a whopping 4 years old!) This weekend he didn't have any accidents, and so as a big surprise my mom and I decided to pack the kids lunches.....get in the car without telling them where we were going! We told them that the "MAGIC CAR" was just going to drive us wherever it thought we should spend the day. The kids looked out the window and kept guessing where we were headed. Then....they say the big mickey mouse ears....and SCREAMED as loud as they could!!!! We told them that we were spending the day at Disney World in honor of Collin wearing Big Boy Undies....and Kacey being such a good big sister and teacher with him! THEY HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the only picture we got....because we BOTH forgot our cameras and my cell phone's battery was dying. (we had enough on our plates trying to keep this a secret!!)

I also came home tonight and with what little energy I had left....put together these pillows. I have had a few requests for pink crown pillows...and just decided to throw in the turquoise because it happens to be my favorite color. Enjoy!!!! You can pick your pillow case up right here!!!

Have a GREAT day!!!!!


nameisgrace said...

love love love the colors and pom poms...i need a daughter!!

Kasey said...

the pillows are beautiful.
So glad you had a good time...looks like fun.

Tara said...

What a sweet treat!! The pillows are gorgeous, love the pom pom trim!