Monday, March 23, 2009

While the Kids Are Away....Mama Will Play

My kids are at my parents house for the afternoon, and I have decided I am going to finish up on orders....and then organize my sewing/office/guest room. (i will have to think of a snazzy name for the combo of uses this room serves our Barfice...Bar/office)
Right now I have BRIGHT pink and white polka dot curtains that I made for the room to block out the BLAZING Florida sun while I sew. But the sun shines thru and makes the entire room Glow BRIGHT pink! (my daughter thought I made our dog, Roxy's hair pink because it was glowing pink on her white fur)
It is a great room if it was just for me to play around and create in, but it is also our guest room. My father in law stayed in there complaint free....but I know that he couldn't wait to get home and away from all the pink.

Here are a few of the ideas I am leaning towards. I generally don't do black very well....but I have a few AMAZING pictures up in that room that are in black frames and I just can't imagine painting them. So I am going with the black!

These curtains are AMAZING! I will need to find some fabric like that so I can get to work! LOVE THE FEEL! Beachy, yet oh so chic!

I might not be able to get away with the pink duvet cover....but I can DEF add some pink pillows and flowers when my guests come!

This picture and the one below just make me happy! I love pink and brown combo! My daughter won't even entertain the thought of adding brown to her room, but I can still check back and look at these pictures now and again! (my daughter even told her preschool teacher that she doesn't like brown so she was just going to color everything Pink.....even though the color of the week was brown. YIKES!)

Can you get over those curtains! I found these pictures on Flickr and they didn't have any great shots of them...but I can just picture them now!
Better get started on my day before the kids are home!


Kasey said...

love it., how can i get rid of my kids for the afternoon...

Tara said...

Love the pictures, they are all so inspiring! Also love that you have an afternoon to yourself! yipee! enjoy~

maureen said...

Black & vintage pink looks so chic it!

cate said...

I love this colour combination

Queen B. said...

What lovely pictures. I have been planning on doing my little girls room like the white and pink room, and lookie here...there's a picture...I love it how it looks.
I'll post pictures when I'm done with her room :)

pinkstilettos said...

Hey- I know that you have your own Etsy store- right? I saw the baby shirts with the crowns. I was wondering if you made these shirts with the crown being pink? Daisy~

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Those are awesome! Spacify offers Kids Pillows and more at reasonable prices.