Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shop For An AMAZING Cause

The Cora Paige Benefit is still selling items left and right!!!! Over 150 Etsy shops have listed items for to raise money for such an amazing cause. As of now there have been OVER $8000 RAISED!!!!!WOW! I have my donation sitting in my paypal account and we are all waiting for Cora's birthday (this Thursday) to make the donation to her deserving parents for their playground fund!!!! So sit back with your coffee and enjoy the amazing goodies listed for such a GREAT cause!!!!!

I purchased 3 sets of these!!! amazing!!! you can print them off yourself!!!

I am selling these Royal shirts with Swarovski crystals and donating 100% of all proceeds to the cause as well!!! www.saseaboutique.etsy.com

Go shop for the cause! I bet your husband won't even mind. :)


Tara said...

this is so amazing...the out reach for such an amazing cause! It breaks my heart but I smile when I see the amount of people her life has touched, wow!! :)

Cate said...

Hi Kate What a beautiful blog you have & your T shirts they are gorgeous, you are very clever..i just love your taste